Spurtti Website

Spurtti Website
Spurtti Website

Amazing new website that is simple, fully responsive and works elegantly

Spurtti is a sports marketing company focused on repositioning African sports. They work with sports teams and organizers to develop business models that create profitable brand partnerships for African sports teams and event organizers. Their client roster and partners include Rolex, Sony, Hyundai, Lucozade Sport, and legendary sports clothing brand Umbro.
We were excited at the opportunity of working with them when we received an email from their VP asking for a virtual meeting. From there, things progressed quite quickly. They explained what they wanted to achieve with the website and why they chose to work with us.
Our job was to create a website that reflected African sports as it should be while maintaining the black ‘Spurtti logo feel’.
We immediately set to work – black will be our prominent color. We were given the liberty to pick another color as an accent, we chose Gold. While black represents the black sands our people work on every day, Gold represents royalty. We used it sparingly to depict rarity and exclusivity.
At the end of the day, we produced an amazing website that is visually appealing and works well on all devices. Our CEO and CTO was given a standing ovation by the Spurtti Board of Directors after the presentation of the website.

"Heptapixels blew us away with the exceptional website they produced for our company on such a short notice. We've been able to close promotional deals with two of Europe's most exciting teams because of their invaluable work. They are a partner we will always work with."

Jere Simpson

James Emeka, Chief Marketing Officer

Spurtti Global