Greenridge Branding

Greenridge Branding
Greenridge Branding

Amazing new brand, cool-looking business cards and great letterheads

We’ve worked with several charities and non-profits over time and so, we are pretty used to getting recommended for more of such work. Sadly, we are not always able to take all the non-profits that come to us. However, when David – a long time client recommended us to work on the Greenridge brand, we couldn’t just say no. We decided to listen to the Greenridge story and see if it resonated with us.

We had a long conversation with Kelechi Ibe, the Founder of Greenridge Foundation and an astute Nigerian Lawyer, who has a strong passion of helping SMEs in Africa jump the regulatory and legal hurdles of doing business in Africa. We left the meeting convinced that we had to work with them.

After accepting the job, we immediately set out to bring his ideas and passion to life via the brand. We sketched our first logo concepts and sent them to his team. They made their choice with some slight additions and deductions. We then produced the logo mark as a monotone (1 color) for further review. The logo mark was approved. We then sent out the font choice and color palette, which was immediately approved.

At the end of the day, we produced the logo, business cards, and official letterheads.

"We really enjoyed working with Chris and his team on this project. When we started out, we didn't know exactly what we wanted, but we were dead sure about what we didn't want. Heptapixels brought our vision to life with this amazing logo, beautiful looking business cards and very modern letterhead design."

Jere Simpson

Kelechi Ibe, Founder

Greenridge Foundation