About Heptapixels

Heptapixels is a Nigeria based digital agency dedicated to building amazing websites, outstanding brands and cutting-edge apps for forward-thinking brands.

45royale Team
Who we are

Amazing digital agency for smart brands

We are a small but strong and dedicated group of open-minded people, constantly driven by a strong desire to help smart brands build products and offer services in ways that will change the lives of the people and industries they serve.

This, together with our user-centric and data-driven approach allows us to produce consistent experiences across all media and create outstanding products.

We anticipate the small details and peculiarities of a project at an early stage and we advise, share good practice and experience - from the very first steps we start to the completion of the project.

We are designers, developers, product managers but above all, we are people who love what they do and who always give their best in everything they do.

"When working closely with several organisations and partners, the major challenge is always having your goal interpreted correctly. We never had this issue with Heptapixels. They quickly became 'us' for the duration of the project and delivered perfection." We would gladly work with them many times over.

Emily Nathaniel

Emily Nathaniel, COO

Multiply Africa

What we do

Branding, websites and apps that produce results

Branding and Graphic Design

Branding & Graphic Design

We give your branding the care it deserves

Your brand isn’t just a logo or visual identity. It’s a cohesive system that unifies the way the world sees your business. We analyze your market and evaluate your user needs to create an identity that makes you stand out.

We also create graphics for print and digital consumption. Knowing that your consumers are in most cases visual beings, we focus on producing designs that are appealing enough to grab attention and command interaction.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

No matter how great a service your app offers, if the user interface is not appealing, your users won't love it.

We create user interface experiences that are delightful, focused on improving conversion and creating customer engagement. Our goal in every project is to create products that our client's users love to use. So, we craft optimized interfaces that shorten the user journey and reward user effort.

App and API Development

App & API Development

Today’s devices are complex and diverse. Desktops, laptop, tablets, phones, smart watches e.t.c

We design, develop and deploy complex applications for various devices, built around the user and focused on the specific needs of each client.

We also develop APIs which unifies individual applications so they can operate as a whole, thus overcoming potential compatibility issues.

Web Design and Development

Website Design & Development

A great looking website will always build consumer trust and then loyalty in the longterm

We also design and build websites that look and function beautifully, work intuitively and are simple to understand.

Besides looking gorgeous, the websites we design and build follow best practices for performant design and code and are search engine optimized to deliver results for our clients.

Search engine optimization

Technical SEO & Audits

Search engine visibility can bring as much as 5-times more customers to your business than traditional advertising.

We help companies across industries improve their search engine visibility, SERP ranking and previews through an effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan implemented in 3 stages - Research, Optimization and Monitoring.

Our technique has produced amazing results consistently and has increased customer to client traffic, 100% of the time.

45royale Team
How we work

Quality, diligence and dedication

As an organisation, at some point you'll need to get or redo a website, fancy new branding/designs or an app for your operations and products. That's when you'll need to talk to us.

When you have the conversation with us (for free 😜) about your project, we'll work with you to create a plan (strategy), produce an amazing logo and style-guide (branding) and other promotional materials or digital assets (graphics design).

If the project dictates, we'll determine the different users and the functionalities (use case and user journeys), create beautiful interfaces (ui design) and turn those interfaces into a usable product (development).

We'll test the product to ensure it is error and bug free (quality assurance), work you through a maintenace plan (support) and hand over the project to your team or create a team if you don't have one.